Public Safety Dispatch Call Recording & Incident Reconstruction

911 call audio and multimedia recording you can count on

Automatically Record & Reconstruct Entire Incidents in Minutes

Time – as an emergency communications center leader, it’s the one thing you don’t have. Reconstructing public safety incidents  to fulfill records requests is one of many time-consuming tasks on your list. And getting to the truth can be challenging, especially when your data sits in so many different systems. Is the time-wasting manual work of pulling data together distracting you from more important things?

Trusted by more than 3,000 public safety agencies worldwide, the NICE Inform 911 call & dispatch recording and automated incident reconstruction system securely records 911 call, radio, text and other multimedia communications and data, and removes the hurdles of data silos and manual work so you can reconstruct incident timelines faster and more thoroughly. And get back to the important work of supporting your staff. With NICE’s 911 audio recorder, incident reconstructions that used to take hours or days now take minutes.

Save Time and Resources
Reconstruct incidents 50% faster
Comprehensive Incident Timeline
Automatically combines multimedia, CAD data and geo-maps for synchronized playback
Comply with tougher disclosure deadlines
Get Response Right
Gives you more time back in your day to coach and engage with staff

Customer Success

"As part of a one-stop shop, NICE provides us with the audio, text-to-911, RapidSOS location and CAD information, to be able to reconstruct the call. And in the future, picture and video are also going to be incorporated.”

David Tuttle, Chairperson, Peoria-Stark ETSB, Illinois

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NICE Evidencentral Inform for Emergency Communications


Making 911 Incident Reconstruction Easier

Time – as a 911 center manager it’s the one thing you lack. You’re stretched thin managing daily operations, QA, staff supervision, fulfilling 911 incident reproduction requests, and more. View this on-demand webinar to learn time-saving tips. Learn how to digitally transform your entire incident reproduction process and improve your efficiency by 50%+ and get more time back in your day.

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