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Emergency Communications

Incident Recording & Reconstruction

Automated Evidence Production

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Incident Reconstruction

Automated Case Building

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Automated Evidence Intake

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Truth. As it happened

With emergency communications becoming more complex by the day, and turnover at an all-time high, having the insight and time to focus on staff has never been more essential. That's where NICE comes in. As the single system of record for all your data, we give you more time back in your day to engage with staff. And help you get to the truth that's hidden in your data faster.

The Truth. Faster

Whether you're responding to an incident, conducting investigations, or simply trying to understand what happened, NICE can help you make the most of your evidence and data. And get to the truth faster. See the big picture and build cases faster too. Thanks to automated case building, all evidence is automatically pulled together in one place, for a single view of the truth that's clear, cohesive and indisputable.

When it comes to truth, evidence is everything

Whether you're a prosecutor, public defender or court officer, NICE can help you better manage growing volumes of digital evidence and get to the truth faster. By automatically delivering complete digital evidence right to your desktop - through a fully secure, trackable digital process, you finally get a single, streamlined view of the truth.
"NICE is at the heart of everything we're doing moving forward."
Russell Holloway
Senior Project Management for Digital Policing British Transport Police



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