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Digital Transformation Platform for
Public Safety, Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice​

Evidencentral - Public Safety Software

Data overload, budget uncertainties, increased public expectations, lack of transparency, a pressure to close more cases and disclose evidence faster, a need to do more with less — these challenges cut across the entire criminal justice spectrum. And as data grows it only compounds these problems. Data has become a productivity killer for your entire organization.

Evidencentral revolutionizes the way data is managed, from the time an incident happens, until cases are successfully closed and prosecuted.

"NICE is at the heart of everything we're doing moving forward."

Russell Holloway, Senior Project Manager for Digital Policing at British Transport Police

Evidencentral is the Leading Digital Transformation Platform

Public Safety Customers
Public Safety Professionals
Using NICE Platform
20 Million+
Digital Evidence Items
Managed by NICE

PSAP Operational Intelligence

  • Capture all emergency communications and data
  • Understand PSAP performance in real-time
  • Automate incident reconstructions
  • Target Quality Assurance and Improvement (QA/QI)
  • Connect KPIs to incidents
  • Streamline emergency call subpoena process

Automate Investigations

  • Automate case building
  • Unified view of all case evidence
  • Automate manual processes
  • Automatically transcode and play any video
  • Leverage past evidence to solve current cases
  • Automate case sharing with DA

Accelerate Charging Decisions

  • Automate case sharing with defense
  • Streamline case intake process
  • Increase transparency of investigations
  • Eliminate hidden evidence
  • Audit end-to-end chain of custody


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