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NICE helps you get to the truth faster.

Truth is essential to justice

Justice is fundamental to a safe and fair society. Prosecutors, public defenders, courts all play an important role.

Whether you’re prosecuting cases, defending clients, or administering justice, digital evidence is at the center of what you do every day. But as evidence volume and complexity grows, managing it the same old way is bogging you down. It’s creating inefficiencies and backlogs, and getting in the way of delivering timely justice.

Whatever your role in the justice process, NICE digital evidence system can help you better manage growing volumes of digital evidence and get to the truth faster.
Up to 50%
Intake and discovery productivity improvement (time and costs)
of evidence immediately accessible in unified case folders
of previously unplayable video made playable
NICE Capabilities


Your clients count on you to be in their corner. NICE removes the manual processes and worries of managing digital evidence, so you can focus on building a successful defense.
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NICE gives you everything you need to manage and make sense of digital evidence, build and present compelling cases, cut through backlogs, and meet tough disclosure deadlines. 
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NICE’s digital transformation solutions integrate digital evidence into the flow of your court proceedings. And can be deployed as part of a shared, county-wide solution to put everyone – law enforcement, prosecutors, public defenders, and courts – on the same page.
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NICE’s Evidencentral platform for Public Safety & Justice agencies revolutionizes the way data is managed, from the time an incident happens, until cases are successfully closed and prosecuted.
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“We are able to cut down on the bureaucracy of waiting on the evidence to arrive physically through the mail, so improving our response on such things as pre-charge advice, or even bringing proceedings against a perpetrator.”
Jane Robinson
Change Manager, Crown Prosecution Services
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How Digital Evidence Management is Transforming the Justice System

Learn how Digital Evidence Management is transforming the justice system. See how your agency can benefit by receiving and sharing all evidence securely and electronically with full tracking, and automating manual processes around evidence management and discovery.

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NICE Justice: Get to the Truth Faster

Truth is essential to justice, and when it comes to the truth, evidence is everything. But as evidence grows, collecting and managing it is becoming incredibly challenging, and keeping you from delivering fair and timely justice. See how NICE can help.

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