Digital Evidence Management Solution for Courts

Integrate digital evidence into the flow of court proceedings

Time to Revisit Your Approach to Managing Digital Evidence

Digital evidence has become ubiquitous. And essential to arriving at the truth. Its use in courtrooms has surged in recent years. But the ability of courts to manage it hasn’t kept pace. Is it time to revisit your approach? 

NICE integrates digital evidence into the flow of your court proceedings. Our shared digital evidence management solution puts everyone – law enforcement, prosecutors, public defenders, and courts – on the same page.

No more submitting digital evidence on thumb drives, paper and discs. All files can be entered into evidence and tracked digitally. No more trial interruptions because video won’t play. We even provide a better way for all parties to present evidence to juries. With multimedia timelines that can incorporate video and other evidence for synchronized playback. 

By investing in a county-wide cloud-based digital evidence management solution, you benefit from robust security and chain of custody tracking, while lowering costs as well.

NICE Capabilities

Comprehensive Exhibit Management

Eliminates physical media – all files can be digitally entered into evidence with built-in tracking. Incorporates redaction and other tools to eliminate trial interruptions.

Evidence Presentation & Sharing

Video evidence is always playable without the need for specialized players/codecs. Ability to project multimedia trial exhibits synchronized on a timeline to juries.

County-wide Solution

Secure, shared cloud solution reduces infrastructure and storage costs, overcomes budget constraints and puts everyone on the same page.
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“We are able to cut down on the bureaucracy of waiting on the evidence to arrive physically through the mail, so improving our response on such things as pre-charge advice, or even bringing proceedings against a perpetrator.”
Jane Robinson
Change Manager, Crown Prosecution Services
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NICE Justice: Get to the Truth Faster

Truth is essential to justice, and when it comes to the truth, evidence is everything. But as evidence grows, collecting and managing it is becoming incredibly challenging, and keeping you from delivering fair and timely justice. See how NICE can help.


Global Digital Transformation of Policing and Criminal Justice Roundtable

As budgets and resources shrink, NICE’s Evidencentral digital transformation platform is helping police departments and criminal justice partners around the globe improve productivity, enhance public safety and collaborate more effectively by gaining control over growing data often stored in disconnected silos. View this on-demand roundtable webinar to see how innovative, forward-thinking agencies have successfully leveraged digital transformation to: speed up investigations, lower case backlogs, reduce requests for missing evidence, ensure timely evidence disclosure, improve community engagement, and streamline evidence sharing.

White Papers

eBook: 7 Ways Digital Transformation is Streamlining the Justice Process

As a prosecutor, the demands place don you are rising every day. But while demands are growing, your staff and resources aren't. Read this eBook to learn how to digitally transform your agency operations to manage the tidal wave of digital evidence coming in, streamline case and trial preparation, and eliminate discovery backlogs to meet strict disclosure deadlines.

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