NICE Digital Evidence Management for Law Enforcement & Corrections


Transform digital evidence management from collection and preparation to disclosure and presentation.

Get to the Truth Faster

Whether you’re responding to an incident, conducting investigations, or simply trying to understand what happened, NICE can help you make the most of your digital evidence and data. And get to the truth faster.

See the big picture and build cases faster too with NICE Investigate digital evidence management system. Thanks to automated case building, all digital evidence is automatically pulled together in one place, for a single view of the truth that’s clear, cohesive, and indisputable.
5 Million+
Investigations supported
Up to 50%
overall investigation productivity improvement
(time and costs)
of evidence immediately accessible in unified case folders
of previously unplayable video made playable
NICE Capabilities


Having all of your data in one place reveals operational insights and helps you answer questions fast. Be better prepared prior to arriving on-scene, conduct better investigations while on-scene, and understand exactly how incidents unfolded.
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See the big picture and build cases faster. Thanks to automated case building, all evidence is automatically pulled together in one place, for a single view of the truth that’s clear, cohesive and indisputable. Focus on what really matters – solving cases and crimes.
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Easily collect, play, organize, analyze and share vast amounts of digital evidence from many sources, and build cases quickly. Then securely share evidence and cases with numerous parties electronically.
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NICE’s Evidencentral platform for Public Safety & Justice agencies revolutionizes the way data is managed, from the time an incident happens, until cases are successfully closed and prosecuted.
See how NICE AI helps you be better at what you do best.
“NICE Investigate has transformed the way we do business. NICE is at the heart of everything we’re doing moving forward.”
Russell Holloway
Senior Project Management for Digital Policing, British Transport Police
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White Papers

IDC MarketScape: Worldwide Digital Evidence Management Solutions for Law Enforcement Vendor Assessment

IDC, a global provider of market intelligence, has named NICE a Leader in its inaugural “IDC MarketScape: Worldwide Digital Evidence Management Solutions for Law Enforcement 2020 Vendor Assessment.” Download a complimentary copy of the IDC MarketScape Digital Evidence Management Solutions report excerpt to learn more.

Case Studies

North Wales Police Blazes New Trail with NICE Investigate

Today, digital transformation is pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in policing and this includes transforming how police forces collect, analyze and share evidence. One digital evidence management trailblazer is North Wales Police. Using NICE Investigate, North Wales Police was able to digitally transform work processes around evidence collection and sharing, to help minimize risk of contact during the recent pandemic, while still continuing to provide the utmost service to the community and justice partners.


Digitally Transforming Law Enforcement and Justice from Crime to Court

Data overload, budget uncertainties, increased public expectations, lack of transparency, a pressure to close more cases and disclose evidence faster, a need to do more with less. To address these problems, police departments and partnering criminal justice agencies around the world are turning to digital transformation. The results are impressive – more timely evidence disclosure and case closure, improved end-to-end collaboration for swifter justice, restored transparency and public trust, and up to a ten-fold productivity savings. View this on-demand webinar to hear success stories and to learn what digital transformation can do for you.

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