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Crime-solving is about finding the truth. And that hinges on digital evidence. With digital evidence residing in so many different systems and places, your investigators waste enormous amounts of time searching for, collecting, copying, and analyzing it. Shuttling it from place to place. Sharing it. Simply trying to make it playable. They spend so much time on these manual tasks, they have little time left for the job they signed up to do. 

NICE police digital evidence management eliminates these manual processes that slow your investigators down. So they can put their time to better use solving cases. 
Our digital transformation platform leverages integration, analytics, and built-in workflows to help your investigators get to the truth faster. They get the confidence of never overlooking evidence. And a single view of the truth that’s clear, cohesive and indisputable.
NICE Capabilities

Automated Case Building

Streamlines investigations by automatically finding and depositing digital evidence into case folders; faster process also enables evidence to be disclosed faster, according to deadlines. 

Evidence Connections & Analytics

Finds hidden connections and recommends evidence to investigators. All evidence is stored digitally, making it easier to establish connections between cases.

Evidence Sharing

Eliminates reliance on physical media and paper; investigators can share digital case files with the prosecution and others electronically. 

Automated Video & Audio Redaction

Redact sensitive information from video and audio evidence without having to send evidence out to 3rd party or navigating a different system. 

Case Performance Management

Supervisors can monitor investigative performance and metrics such as quantity of cases by type and status, assigned and shared cases, volume of evidence collected and shared per case, and more.

Community Evidence Crowdsourcing

Facilitates evidence collection from businesses (e.g., CCTV) and citizens from direct requests and public appeals. Enables fast and secure evidence uploads by witnesses, with no need to seize their devices.
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“NICE Investigate brings evidence to the attention of investigators that could otherwise be missed, frees them up from manual work, and provides more time to build cases.”
Captain John Jacobik
Charleston County Sheriff's Office South Carolina
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NICE Evidencentral Investigate - Digital Investigation & Evidence Management

Case Studies

NICE Investigate a Win-Win for Northamptonshire Police

Known for its innovative approaches to policing, Northamptonshire Police is always seeking better ways to fight crime and protect people – so they turned to NICE Investigate for digital transformation. Because it sits on top of Northamptonshire Police's other digital evidence systems, NICE Investigate can automate the case building process by searching across connected data sources for evidence. As soon as investigators log in, their digital evidence is waiting in electronic case folders for them. NICE Investigate has also helped the force uncover new lines of enquiry and evidence for complex and serious crimes, which one detective inspector says is “real win-win.”

White Papers

eBook: 12 Ways Digital Evidence Management is Transforming Policing & Justice

Digital transformation is pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in policing and criminal justice – from data analytics and mobile workforce optimization to online citizen engagement and investigations. When it comes to delivering on the promise of digital transformation, one technology police departments and criminal justice agencies are embracing in growing numbers is Digital Evidence Management. In this eBook we explore 12 ways that Digital Evidence Management is transforming policing and prosecution across the criminal justice spectrum, using real-life examples.

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