NICE Evidencentral Investigate - Digital Investigation & Evidence Management


Crime-solving is about finding the truth. And that hinges on digital evidence. With digital evidence residing in so many different systems and places, your investigators waste enormous amounts of time searching for, collecting, copying, and analyzing it. Shuttling it from place to place. Sharing it. And simply trying to make it playable. They spend so much time on these manual tasks, they have little time left for the job they signed up to do. 

NICE Investigate, part of the NICE Evidencentral suite, eliminates manual processes that slow your investigators down. So they can put their time to better use solving cases. Our digital transformation platform leverages integration, analytics, and built-in workflows to help your investigators get to the truth faster. They get the confidence of never overlooking evidence. And a single view of the truth that’s clear, cohesive and indisputable.