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Improve First Response and Increase Citizen Trust

As a law enforcement professional, you’re under more pressure than ever coming from every possible direction – from politicians, citizens and media demanding greater transparency – to questions and complaints over police response and incident handling. Most of the time, answers are needed fast!

NICE police digital evidence software gives you a better way. The key to getting answers to questions lies in getting control of your data. But your data resides in many different systems and places. NICE gives you a better way. It brings all of your data together in one place to answer many questions, including whether patrol officers follow standard operating procedures, how resources are being deployed and whether they’re being utilized effectively, or how exactly high-profile incident was handled. The answers are already there, waiting, when you need them. So you can know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, what happened.
NICE Capabilities

Mobile Evidence Access & Collection

Give officers access to listen to emergency calls before they arrive on-scene and enable them to capture digital evidence while on-scene.

Automated Incident Reconstruction

Always know how incidents unfolded. NICE automatically assembles all incident information onto a timeline – body worn video, dashcam video, CCTV, audio recordings, and more. 
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NICE’s Evidencentral platform for Public Safety & Justice agencies revolutionizes the way data is managed, from the time an incident happens, until cases are successfully closed and prosecuted.
See how NICE AI helps you be better at what you do best.
“Beyond keeping our officers and community members safer during this challenging time, uploading evidence has been a real time-saver. Our officers are able to access and review vital evidence quicker and are making more informed charging decisions as a result.”
Jason Devonport
Superintendent, North Wales Police
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Product Videos

Innovation Zone: NICE Investigate

Today, crime solving hinges on digital evidence and the volume, velocity and variety of digital evidence is growing​ exponentially. From body-worn cameras and CCTV, to ALPR, CAD, RMS, interview room and 911 recordings, social media, smart devices and in-car video, policing has become entangled in a quagmire of technologies. These very same technologies are creating a tsunami of digital evidence that’s becoming increasingly difficult to manage. In this installment of Innovation Zone, Police1 Editor Lt. Josh Gilliam explains how police departments can overcome these challenges by automating their evidence collection, analysis and sharing with NICE Investigate.

Product Videos

Digital Transformation for Law Enforcement Leaders

As a law enforcement leader, you’re under more pressure than ever coming from every possible direction – from politicians, citizens and media demanding greater transparency and answers to questions. But the key to getting answers lies in getting control of your data. In this video in our Digital Transformation series, we show you how NICE Investigate (a solution in our Evidencentral platform) can help you get operational insight and answers to questions fast.

White Papers

eBook: Extending Your Police Budget with Digital Transformation

As the thin blue line gets thinner, police departments are expected to do more with less. To survive and thrive departments need to rethink “business as usual” approaches to policing and find ways to work more efficiently and effectively. In this eBook, we show you how you can achieve significant cost savings and other benefits by digitally transforming how your officers conduct investigations and manage digital evidence.

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