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Digital Investigation Software

Investigation & Digital Evidence Management Software

Today, police departments have a “big data” problem. C​rime solving hinges on digital evidence. But there’s so much data coming from so many silos​ that it’s becoming increasingly difficult for investigators to ingest it, correlate it and absorb the relevant facts of a case. The NICE Investigate Digital Investigation and Digital Evidence Man​agement Software (DEMS) Solution automates the entire digital investigation and evidence management process, helping investigators close more cases faster.

The NICE Investigate Digital Evidence Management software solution is comprised of three application portals: the Public Portal​, the Investigation Portal​ and the Prosecution Portal​.

Learn more about how the NICE Investigate Digital Investigation and Evidence Management software solution automates the collection​, analysis​ and sharing​ of evidence.

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“Investigators today face some tough challenges: collecting and securely sharing potential evidence is surprisingly manual and time-consuming while analyzing the disparate pieces to recreate the who, what, where, when and why of an incident is more complicated than ever. A software solution that addresses these issues and leads to higher case clearance rates would be invaluable to any police department.”

Ed Davis
former Commissioner
Boston Police Department​

"NICE is at the heart of everything we're doing moving forward."

Russell Holloway, Senior Project Manager for Digital Policing at British Transport Police


NICE Investigate

Digitally transform how your department manages digital evidence.

Customer Success

Merseyside Police

Leading the digital policing revolution with NICE Investigate.


NICE Investigate

Investigation and Digital Evidence Management Software (DEMS) for Law Enforcement


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