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Prosecutor Case Management Software

Digitally Transform Your Evidence Management

Today, digital evidence is one of your prosecutor office’s biggest pain points. How you manage digital evidence can turn it into either an asset or a liability. Dealing with digital evidence the same way you always have will only consume enormous resources, clog up the justice process and create huge discovery backlogs. Adding to the pressure, your office may be experiencing budgetary and staffing challenges. NICE Justice solves all of these challenges by digitally transforming how you manage evidence.

Do any these problems sound familiar to you?

  • Police investigators share evidence with you in a variety of ways.
  • Your intake process is bogged down by evidence arriving on discs, USB drives, and paper or through uploads to FTP sites and other miscellaneous means.
  • Missing evidence is a constant worry. You’re constantly checking and rechecking to make sure you have complete evidence.
  • Your prosecutors lack the tools to play and redact video.
  • You’re under more pressure to produce discovery or have discovery backlogs.
  • You struggle to meet the demand for expedited disclosure of evidence to defense
  • File size limits impede your ability to share evidence, especially large video files, with defense and courts. 

NICE Justice works with your existing case management system to digitally transform how your DAs receive, interact with, manage and share digital evidence, to streamline discovery, save time and money, and improve justice outcomes. 

NICE Justice for Prosecutors:

  • Standardizes how evidence is received and shared by providing a portal where law enforcement agencies can securely provide all digital evidence for cases electronically. 
  • Eliminates CDs, DVDs and USB drives that bog down your intake process. Digital evidence is automatically deposited into a digital case folder. Digital evidence stays digital!
  • Digitally transforms time-consuming manual processes so your DAs can spend more time building and prosecuting cases. 
  • Takes the worry out of missing evidence. No more checking and rechecking for evidence. It’s all stored in one place. Your DAs are also alerted automatically when requests for evidence are filled and when new evidence is available. 
  • Empowers your team with built-in tools to play and redact video. Video is automatically transcoded to a playable format. No more scouring the Internet for codecs, sending video out, or waiting. 
  • Streamlines discovery with defense and cuts down on backlogs. Simply email a secure link to share discoverable materials with defense. With built-in chain of custody tracking, you’ll always know when evidence has been received and opened. 
  • Overcomes file size limitations inherent in sharing evidence with courts. There’s no limit to the number and size of files you can share electronically.


NICE Justice for Prosecutors

Digital Evidence Management Software (DEMS) for District & Prosecuting Attorneys.

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Nassau County, NY

Simplifying evidence sharing, streamlining evidence disclosure.


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